Vamos a Leer! Los pingüinos adoran los colores

Hola! What I'm about to show you is one of the CUTEST read alouds EVER!!!! I feel in love with this book as soon as I saw the cover. Once I read the story I knew I had to have it. Los pingüinos adoran los colores is perfect for the first week of kindergarten. I love how colorful it is (obviously). It's simple to read, the images are absolutely ADORABLE, and it will allow me to go over a very important lesson in a dual language classroom: COLORS!!!

When I taught dual language kindergarten for the first time, I quickly learned I was very mistaken to assume all my kids knew their colors. For some it was easy to recognize them, but others (specially my non-Spanish speakers) needed some extra help. I decided then and there a lesson on colors the first day/week of kindergarten is a MUST, and it's even more important in a dual language setting. \
You can grab a copy of this book HERE

This year I will use this cute story to review colors, my color posters in Spanish, and the FREEBIE at the end of this post. 

The story is basically about 6 penguins who want to surprise their mom and they decide to use paint to create a lil something for her...and of course... they end up making a huge mess (momma penguin doesn't seem to mind though) 

I'm sure your students will LOVE this story. Here's a FREEBIE for you to use this with. I've included an English and a Spanish copy :) 

You can grab a copy of this book HERE

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