Celebrating with Mrs. Nicolau!

Hello all! Today is all about CELEBRATION!! I am celebrating with my friend Mrs. Nicolau over at Brinca into Bilingual because she just reached a huge and important milestone! And of course that means YOU get to participate in some amazing giveaways! How fun is that!?

Dragones y tacos - Vamos a leer!

Let me share with you this super funny book your kids are going to love! I will use it during Valentine's day week to talk about things we love... but you can pretty much use it any time of the year. 

100 Days of School

When is your 100th day of school? Ours is getting close. I still can't believe we have been in school for 100 days. What is it about the second half of school that flies by? Before we know it we will be prepping for Read Across America, Mother's Day and the end of the school year. 

Let me share with you some of the things I will be doing to celebrate that day and get my kiddos excited...

We will be creating this 100 days hat...every year I have done a necklace but this year we are trying a hat to change things up... you just glue it to a sentence strip and done!

3 things I will not do as a pregnant teacher

Pregnancy has gotten way better now that I'm not in the first trimester anymore. First trimester was just terrible!

As I look ahead and think of the back to school season I'm setting 3 goals for myself...focusing more on things I am NOT going to do while I'm a pregnant teacher and I encourage you to do the same if you're also teaching and pregnant...

First Week Fun

We survived the first week...let me rephrase that...I survived the first week! Students seemed to enjoy it very much.

We have been going over our rituals and routines and they seem to be getting better at it, as long as we keep practicing they will become masters in no time. What seemed hard to accomplish on the first day was a piece of cake by Friday!

We started our week by reading The Kissing Hand - Un beso en mi mano. This is one of the sweetest read alouds out there. Students can connect to it right away and it gets them talking about their feelings...great way to start getting to know each other!

Then we went over crayon sharing expectations and did our first coloring activity of the year! I plan on saving these to put in their portfolios at the end of the year. I know parents will love to see how their kids coloring has changed.

You can grab this FREEBIE at the end of the post :)

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