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The end of the year is coming close for me and if you are like me, you are already thinking about the things you're going to change, add, remove or update next year in your classroom. 
I started looking around my classroom (before I started packing) and realized that my Behavior Clip Chart is falling apart! I've had it for 3 years (at least). I wish I had pictures to share with you so you would understand how old it is! It seriously needs to retire SOON!

So I decided to put something together to have it ready for next year and of course I had to share with you :) 

My district is going into the dual language program. I'm still unsure if I will be teaching in English or Spanish next year so I made the clip chart in both languages... why not?!

Click on any images to get your Behavior Clip Chart for free! 


Fire Drill Ready

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Yesterday was one of my favorite NOT SO favorite moments at school... we had a FIRE DRLL! We practice at least once a month so you would think that by now the kiddos and I are pretty much used to it, right? Unfortunately, no. My little ones have improved so much this year and are now able to get out of the building faster! I still remember our first fire drill I had 2 students cry and another one who wouldn't stop screaming! We've come a long way...

That's why I've decided to share a few tips to make these times of the month a little easier for you and your kids and to make sure we are keeping everybody safe!

TEACH the expectations

At the beginning of the year (at least) take the time to teach your kids WHAT they are expected to do during a fire drill and HOW they are expected to behave. Let's face it.. students will not do it if we don't show them. Schools might have different ways to do it, but the first week of school I always show my students our emergency exit and we practice it several times until everyone is comfortable and knows how to get out of the building.

ANSWER their questions and what ifs
- Where will they go?
- What will they do if they are in the restroom/office/another classroom?
- What if I can't find you?
- Who will be the line leader?
- What if the line leader isn't here?
- Who will close the door?

Fire Drill Bag
At the beginning of the year, I make sure this fire drill bag is full and ready to go!

I include some essentials and things I would need in case of an emergency. You never know when you will actually NEED these items and I love to be prepared.

Some of the items I include are:
- Water
- Tissues
- First aid kit (I lost mine! so I had to improvise until I remember to get a new one)
- One piece of candy for each student
- Extra cell phone charger 
- Hand sanitizer
- some change $$$ (umbrella is included in the picture because I took it to our field trip lol)

I use a small hook to hang this bag by the door and I quickly grab it on my way out.

Include EMERGENCY contact numbers sheet in your bag!

When I was a first year teacher my school had what appeared to be a fire drill just for practice. However, there was some kind of problem in the building and we had to stay on the street for almost an hour (can you imagine how chaotic it was?) ... I started freaking out because I did not have the UPDATED contact information for any of my children...I had some numbers saved on my cell phone (which was also about to die). Ever since that day, I make sure my fire drill bag always has an extra cell phone charger AND a hard copy with my students' emergency contact information. 

You can grab a copy HERE

Tell us.. How do you ensure your students' safety during emergencies? 


Am I only one who is freaking out about finishing the curriculum before the year ends??
Our district provides us with the WHAT and WHEN to teach but we are free to decide HOW to teach each objective. But let me tell you... even though they give us the scope and sequence... I still feel like I am behind and won't be able to finish! STRESS! STRESS!!

This week we have been focusing on the needs and parts of plants. LUCKILY I found these free resources and my students seemed to LOVE them! Aren't they cute?

You can find this free resource from All Students Can Shine HERE


Memory Book + Clouds

Hello friends! Long time no see! We have been overwelmingly busy in my classroom with end of the year stuff.

We have been working on packing up and organizing our classroom to make it easier when we come back in August. The kids have been working and having so much fun creating their memory books. Since its an activity I won't be grading I allowed my students to pick if they wanted to do the English or Spanish memory book. We have been working on developing both languages this year but some of them are still more comfortable in Spanish and others in English.

It is funny how nostalgic they get every time I pull out a new page! 

I have also taken advantage of the end of the school year craziness to try to catch up on some science lessons. So we created this cute foldable on clouds. Kids had a blast!

Have a fantastic rest of the week :)! 
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