Mi maestra es un monstruo - ¡Vamos a leer!

When I was teaching second and third grade (and even now that I teach Kinder) it was difficult for my students to realize on their own that sometimes the feelings of a character might change throughout the story.

I received this book in my Booklandia order last month and I immediately realized this cute book was perfect to teach that skill.

It begins with a little boy telling us his teacher is a monster!
One day, he has a shocking experience! He runs into his teacher at the park.
After a series of events his feelings about his teacher begin changing <3
And the perspective he had about his teacher changes as well...

You can use this FREEBIE with this book to teach how a character's feelings change in a story. 

If you would like to hear more about BOOKLANDIA and how to receive a monthly package of books in Spanish for your kids or students, you can visit her blog HERE

Vamos a Leer! Los pingüinos adoran los colores

Hola! What I'm about to show you is one of the CUTEST read alouds EVER!!!! I feel in love with this book as soon as I saw the cover. Once I read the story I knew I had to have it. Los pingüinos adoran los colores is perfect for the first week of kindergarten. I love how colorful it is (obviously). It's simple to read, the images are absolutely ADORABLE, and it will allow me to go over a very important lesson in a dual language classroom: COLORS!!!

When I taught dual language kindergarten for the first time, I quickly learned I was very mistaken to assume all my kids knew their colors. For some it was easy to recognize them, but others (specially my non-Spanish speakers) needed some extra help. I decided then and there a lesson on colors the first day/week of kindergarten is a MUST, and it's even more important in a dual language setting. \
You can grab a copy of this book HERE

This year I will use this cute story to review colors, my color posters in Spanish, and the FREEBIE at the end of this post. 

The story is basically about 6 penguins who want to surprise their mom and they decide to use paint to create a lil something for her...and of course... they end up making a huge mess (momma penguin doesn't seem to mind though) 

I'm sure your students will LOVE this story. Here's a FREEBIE for you to use this with. I've included an English and a Spanish copy :) 

You can grab a copy of this book HERE


A Look Inside The Happy Planner

Have you seen the cute Happy Planners all over social media? There's a reason for that! They are the most adorable and useful planners I've found. I'm so glad I bought mine and I am so ready for the school year to begin because I will be ready and organized.

To be honest, I hesitated a little when I couldn't see exactly what was inside the planner. I'm very picky with planners and since these teachers planners come in a box there was no way for me to peek inside. I bit the bullet and bought it and I'm so glad I did! 
I want to show you inside the planner so you don't have to go through the same... you're welcome ;)
The planner has different covers but I went with this one cause I LOVE the quote. 
The planner includes this colorful tabs to label each month.
It starts with a yearly calendar and a very helpful sheet for your substitute. 
Each month begins with an adorable cover and a quote.. because we could use some motivation right??
You also get a sheet like this for every month. Great space for you to jot down birthdays and important events and to-dos of the month.
You will find a monthly calendar for each month and a very much needed space for notes...

Now lets get to the important part of this... you know the planning section ;)
I can't tell you enough how much I love this very simple section... I'm always lost as far as what week of the year we are in so I know this tiny circle will be helpful.
The planning section breaks it down for you by day and on top you can label each subject.
The Happy Planner also comes with more than enough checklists...you know to keep track of things like field trip permission slips, supplies, etc...
You will also find a sturdy folder to put your important papers at the end of the planner.
I think its safe to call this my ultimate favorite part of the planner... the stickers and post-it notes of course!

You can find the Happy Planner on Amazon here and all the fun stickers here. But I recommend that you look for it at Michael's. They usually run sales and you can always use your teacher discount when you show your ID! 

End of Year Poem

Summer is finally here and I'm enjoying some relaxing time with my baby. 
Since I know a lot of you are still in school I wanted to share with you the poem I attached to my students end of the year gifts. 

For their end of the year gifts, my partner and I deduced to give each student a hula-hoop and a jump rope. Since we were planning for 40 children we needed to be mindful about our budget. I found these jump ropes that cost less than $1 a piece and they were pretty good quality. We found our hula-hoops at Dollar Tree. They have different designs and sizes. 

We also attached this end of the year poem. 

You can grab it for free HERE

Have a great summer!!

Celebrating with Mrs. Nicolau!

Hello all! Today is all about CELEBRATION!! I am celebrating with my friend Mrs. Nicolau over at Brinca into Bilingual because she just reached a huge and important milestone! And of course that means YOU get to participate in some amazing giveaways! How fun is that!?


Dragones y tacos - Vamos a leer!

Let me share with you this super funny book your kids are going to love! I will use it during Valentine's day week to talk about things we love... but you can pretty much use it any time of the year. 

100 Days of School

When is your 100th day of school? Ours is getting close. I still can't believe we have been in school for 100 days. What is it about the second half of school that flies by? Before we know it we will be prepping for Read Across America, Mother's Day and the end of the school year. 

Let me share with you some of the things I will be doing to celebrate that day and get my kiddos excited...

We will be creating this 100 days hat...every year I have done a necklace but this year we are trying a hat to change things up... you just glue it to a sentence strip and done!

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