Mi maestra es un monstruo - ¡Vamos a leer!

When I was teaching second and third grade (and even now that I teach Kinder) it was difficult for my students to realize on their own that sometimes the feelings of a character might change throughout the story.

I received this book in my Booklandia order last month and I immediately realized this cute book was perfect to teach that skill.

It begins with a little boy telling us his teacher is a monster!
One day, he has a shocking experience! He runs into his teacher at the park.
After a series of events his feelings about his teacher begin changing <3
And the perspective he had about his teacher changes as well...

You can use this FREEBIE with this book to teach how a character's feelings change in a story. 

If you would like to hear more about BOOKLANDIA and how to receive a monthly package of books in Spanish for your kids or students, you can visit her blog HERE

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