Hello friends!! I'm excited to FINALLY be back with some ideas to share! 

This post is all about FLUENCY! 

Fluency is hands down one of the skills my kiddos like practicing the most. It is NOT because it's naturally appealing, it is simply because we as teachers MUST MAKE IT appealing and attractive to them

My fluency station is pretty simple... a box with several fun items the students may use while reading...i.e. glasses, microphones, mini teddy bears, different kinds of timers, etc...  I also have different sets of fluency cards that I rotate throughout the year, depending on the skill that we are working on.... I promise I will get some pics of my fluency box soon!!! 

I use these cards from Stephanie Stewart for fluency in English and these for Spanish fluency. My students love working with both!! 

As YOU KNOW, it is very easy to a student to get off track or distracted in a center where they're expected to work independently. That's why I'm constantly reminding them of ways to be responsible during our centers. 
Just in case... I do 2 things to keep them accountable for their work: 

1. My students know that I will test their fluency at least once a week. I don't always use it as a grade. But whenever I test them or practice with them, I like to use the same cards they've been using in their center that same week. 

2. I have my students fill out an accountability sheet every time they go to the fluency center. That way, they know I'm checking their work even though I'm not there. 
You can grab this FREEBIE for your fluency center. 

You can grab my fluency cards in Spanish here. Levels 11+ will be added soon!

How do you teach fluency? 


Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Hello friends!! Its been a while!! Life just seems to get crazier and crazier every month! But I'm glad to be back after a *short* social media break. 

Are you excited it's almost Christmas?! I know I am! That's why I joined a group of amazing bloggers for a Secret Santa gift exchange hosted by Mrs. D's Corner! 

Let me tell you, this is super fun! Receiving a package in the mail and having NO IDEA what's in it...love it!!  My Secret Santa was Carrie from Adventures in Kinder and Beyond. She went ALL OUT with the gifts she sent me. 

First, she sent me the cutest card! I absolutely loved it!

And if you know me at all... you know me about my not so tiny uncontrolled addiction to scarves! Carrie sent me two beautiful ones along with a cup for my tea!! 

Did I mention she included a Barnes and Noble gift card, post it notes, note pad, chocolates, and flair pens?!?! Is this girl amazing or what?!

Thank you so much Carrie!! You have truly brightened up my Christmas!! Check out Carrie's blog HERE

Want to check out more Secret Santa fun? Head to Mrs. D's Corner and read more about it!! 

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