Tips for Bilingual Students.

I'm so amazingly overwhelmed by everybody's support during the kickoff of these blog series that I'm even MORE excited (if thats possible?!)... I have been wanting to do this for a while now and Im happy to finally be able to share with you.

Today's Topic is all about STEREOTYPES...
When you have an English Language Learner in your classroom it is super important to you get rid of any stereotype or prejudice that you might have consciously or unconsciously built in your head. Every single child that enters your classroom should be given the same opportunity to learn from you, their teacher, and the SAME high expectations to succeed. 
Now... how do me make sure our classrooms are STEREOTYPE-FREE?

1. EDUCATE yourself
You just got a new student from Puerto Rico in your classroom? Go online! Read about Puerto Rico. There is no better way to connect with your student than being knowledgable about their country. 
To me there is nothing funnier than people finding out I grew up in Mexico. I often get asked questions like: Do you guys have cars in Mexico? Do you guys have TVs? These questions come from the stereotype that Mexico its only about sombreros, tacos, and piƱatas.

Don't let this happen to you! 

2. TALK to your students
Let your students tell you about their country, their house, friends, hobbies. If your student is still unable to communicate in English find different ways to do it. I mean if there is one thing Im sure of is that teachers can ALWAYS find a way, am I right?? Have them draw a picture, allow them to bring things from their home that will teach you about their background. 

3. FORGET about your past experiences
Oh! You got overcharged at that Mexican restaurant last week? Does that mean your Mexican students are thieves? Absolutely NOT! You met a Chinese man that was rude to you? That does not mean students from China will be rude too. We've all had had bad experiences with people but that does not make everyone else guilty. 

Many people say that it is impossible to eliminate stereotypes but I'm completely positive we can do our best to eliminate them in our classrooms!

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Tips for Bilingual Students

Welcome to the REVEAL of my brand new series Tips for Bilingual Students. But wait!! Don't go! Just because you see the word BILINGUAL does not mean you should go. You can still benefit from this, even if you don't teach a bilingual, ESL, or a dual language class. 

Every Tuesday I will share with you a tip, strategy or idea that benefits English language learners. If you're thinking "I don't teach ESL" you should still be informed. As teachers it is our job to meet the needs of ALL our students. You never know what's ahead! You could be getting an English Language Learner for the first time next year or a parent who doesn't speak English. 

Before we begin, let me tell you a lil about myself so you know why I'm doing this... I'm an ESL myself. That's why
teaching English learners is my PASSION. I was there, I know exactly how our ELLs students feel!

 I'm a certified bilingual teacher. This means teaching students that are in the process of learning English OR Spanish. 
Now let me tell you something about bilingual education... it is NOT SIMPLE, it is NOT easy but I still love it. Bilingual ed. is not just about teaching kids the language but also about teaching them CONTENT in a new language.
 If you teach in a Bilingual, ESL or Dual Language  program you know exactly what this means... but I will get more into that later :) . 

For me there's nothing more enjoyable than noticing the progress that a student has made. I LOVE when a newcomer comes into my classroom and doesn't know any English because I KNOW I will see the progress and it will all be WORTH IT. My experience comes from teaching mostly hispanic students that are learning English but I've also taught students who are learning Spanish. 

I'm super excited to be sharing with you.  Next week I will be coming back with Week 1 of Tips for Bilingual Students.

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TPT Seller Challenge: Week 1

I'm so excited right now because I've been playing catch up with the TPT Seller Challenge... We are in Week 3 of the challenge and I just finished Week 1... uh-oh! O well! At least I'm DONE! And I couldn't wait to share it with you all! 

So Week 1 of the #TPTSellerChallenge consisted of doing a makeover on one of your products. I decided to update my 2D and 3D Shapes Posters. This was one of the first products that I created for my classroom. I wasn't teaching Dual Language at the time but I did have English language learners. So I created these posters so that ALL my students could benefit. 

This worked for some time BUT after many requests of changing the colors and fonts to coordinate Dual Language classrooms... I knew it was time for a change :)! And I'm so glad because I love they turned out.
This is BEFORE:

And AFTER!!!!!!!!

Ok so now these posters will be so much better for my students! They look cleaner, the font is bigger and bolder. Also, it goes PERFECT in Dual language classrooms since it now has red and blue words. I added another version... there's a set with the kids holding the shapes and one without so you can pick your favorite :)! 

What do you think? Do you like it better?? I wish I would have done this sooner! Anyway... you can still JOIN US for some TPT Seller Challenge fun! Its not too late!

Currently - Let's Welcome July!

Its that time of the month! What a better way to welcome JULY!!! than to link up with Farley  for the monthly and super fun CURRENTLY!!

Listening - It's 5:00 am... so thats pretty much all there is... can't play any music cause the 2 boys in the house (husband and dog) are still sleeping...!

Loving - I'm seriously loving SUMMER! What a surprise huh? For a teacher to love summer lol. But this summer has been different. I'm still trying to learn how to RELAX. It's the first year I haven't made or prepared anything for my classroom. I desperately needed a break and I'm thankful to get one.

Thinking- haha you're probably thinking... 'well ya your to-do list keeps getting longer if you keep relaxing'... but I've actually been quite productive just not about anything school related. I usually do my spring cleaning in the summer (insert embarrassed face here!). So it has been nice to have time to do it but it feels like I'll never finish! Here's the checklist I'm using in case you're in the same boat!

Wanting - Admit it! I'm not the only one who wants a brand new back to school wardrobe. I mean that's not just for kids right?? I might have to start throwing some hints to my husband so he'll be mentally prepared in August...oops!

Needing - Our office has been my dumping ground for almost 2 years. It started as the room where we put all the boxes we didn't have time to unpack. Then it became school supply storage and now it has evolved to a huge MESS! It's driving me crazy. The thing is that we might be moving to a new home soon so I just can't find the inspiration to organize! Do you have any tips?!?!

All * - It has always been easy for me to spell words. Of course I make spelling mistakes but if you need someone to proofread something... I'm your person! My colleagues are constantly coming to my room asking to proofread and edit their newsletters. I might be terrible in math but at least I can spell right?

Now head over to Farleys and join everyone else for some more CURRENTLY fun :) !
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