Tips for Bilingual Students.

I'm so amazingly overwhelmed by everybody's support during the kickoff of these blog series that I'm even MORE excited (if thats possible?!)... I have been wanting to do this for a while now and Im happy to finally be able to share with you.

Today's Topic is all about STEREOTYPES...
When you have an English Language Learner in your classroom it is super important to you get rid of any stereotype or prejudice that you might have consciously or unconsciously built in your head. Every single child that enters your classroom should be given the same opportunity to learn from you, their teacher, and the SAME high expectations to succeed. 
Now... how do me make sure our classrooms are STEREOTYPE-FREE?

1. EDUCATE yourself
You just got a new student from Puerto Rico in your classroom? Go online! Read about Puerto Rico. There is no better way to connect with your student than being knowledgable about their country. 
To me there is nothing funnier than people finding out I grew up in Mexico. I often get asked questions like: Do you guys have cars in Mexico? Do you guys have TVs? These questions come from the stereotype that Mexico its only about sombreros, tacos, and piñatas.

Don't let this happen to you! 

2. TALK to your students
Let your students tell you about their country, their house, friends, hobbies. If your student is still unable to communicate in English find different ways to do it. I mean if there is one thing Im sure of is that teachers can ALWAYS find a way, am I right?? Have them draw a picture, allow them to bring things from their home that will teach you about their background. 

3. FORGET about your past experiences
Oh! You got overcharged at that Mexican restaurant last week? Does that mean your Mexican students are thieves? Absolutely NOT! You met a Chinese man that was rude to you? That does not mean students from China will be rude too. We've all had had bad experiences with people but that does not make everyone else guilty. 

Many people say that it is impossible to eliminate stereotypes but I'm completely positive we can do our best to eliminate them in our classrooms!

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