Tips for Bilingual Students

Welcome to the REVEAL of my brand new series Tips for Bilingual Students. But wait!! Don't go! Just because you see the word BILINGUAL does not mean you should go. You can still benefit from this, even if you don't teach a bilingual, ESL, or a dual language class. 

Every Tuesday I will share with you a tip, strategy or idea that benefits English language learners. If you're thinking "I don't teach ESL" you should still be informed. As teachers it is our job to meet the needs of ALL our students. You never know what's ahead! You could be getting an English Language Learner for the first time next year or a parent who doesn't speak English. 

Before we begin, let me tell you a lil about myself so you know why I'm doing this... I'm an ESL myself. That's why
teaching English learners is my PASSION. I was there, I know exactly how our ELLs students feel!

 I'm a certified bilingual teacher. This means teaching students that are in the process of learning English OR Spanish. 
Now let me tell you something about bilingual education... it is NOT SIMPLE, it is NOT easy but I still love it. Bilingual ed. is not just about teaching kids the language but also about teaching them CONTENT in a new language.
 If you teach in a Bilingual, ESL or Dual Language  program you know exactly what this means... but I will get more into that later :) . 

For me there's nothing more enjoyable than noticing the progress that a student has made. I LOVE when a newcomer comes into my classroom and doesn't know any English because I KNOW I will see the progress and it will all be WORTH IT. My experience comes from teaching mostly hispanic students that are learning English but I've also taught students who are learning Spanish. 

I'm super excited to be sharing with you.  Next week I will be coming back with Week 1 of Tips for Bilingual Students.

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See you next week!

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