Our Teaching Tribe August Challenge

Hello Friends! I'm very excited to be joining a group of very amazing authors for this Blog Hop! The challenge this month was to trade a product with a blogger and share about the greatness of the product...
Are you ready to see the product I got??? 

The Self Portrait and Bio Poem by Longwing-Montessori. 
Before I tell you a lil about this awesome product... let me tell you about this super TPT author! She has a variety of products in her store that you will absolutely love! Im telling ya... you must check them out during this BTS season... (she has a bunch of FREEBIES too!!). 

So... the Self Portrait and Bio Poem is an excellent way to get to know your students. Im going to be using this activity with my third graders during the first week of school. This product includes a 1 page anchor that explains what a Bio Poem is (I will have them glue that into their notebook). It also has a sheet where your students can plan and brainstorm ideas before writing, templates for the cutouts, a rubric, and paper for students to publish their writing piece! 

I especially love that she included that planning sheet. It is so hard for some kiddos so come up with ideas and this template allows them to follow a specific format to talk about themselves! 

But wait... that's not all!! I really appreciate the way she created the cut outs... You know those craftivities we all have used in the classroom that require you to use a million small pieces, so many copies, kids lose them, and they take away your instructional time? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE those activities because it keeps students engaged but sometimes the kids seem a lil too crazy for them. I love how the cut-out templates in this product are not super small and they are simple to put together. I'm pretty sure my third graders won't take long on putting them together.

So there you have it friends! Isn't it awesome to be able to read a full description of a product before purchasing it?! 
You can learn more about this incredible author on her blog and TPT store. Head over to Longwing Montessori and check it out!! 

But don't forget to continue hopping through the blogs with us... next you will find Lil Country Librarian...go check her out!! Just click on the image below! 


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