A Look Inside The Happy Planner

Have you seen the cute Happy Planners all over social media? There's a reason for that! They are the most adorable and useful planners I've found. I'm so glad I bought mine and I am so ready for the school year to begin because I will be ready and organized.

To be honest, I hesitated a little when I couldn't see exactly what was inside the planner. I'm very picky with planners and since these teachers planners come in a box there was no way for me to peek inside. I bit the bullet and bought it and I'm so glad I did! 
I want to show you inside the planner so you don't have to go through the same... you're welcome ;)
The planner has different covers but I went with this one cause I LOVE the quote. 
The planner includes this colorful tabs to label each month.
It starts with a yearly calendar and a very helpful sheet for your substitute. 
Each month begins with an adorable cover and a quote.. because we could use some motivation right??
You also get a sheet like this for every month. Great space for you to jot down birthdays and important events and to-dos of the month.
You will find a monthly calendar for each month and a very much needed space for notes...

Now lets get to the important part of this... you know the planning section ;)
I can't tell you enough how much I love this very simple section... I'm always lost as far as what week of the year we are in so I know this tiny circle will be helpful.
The planning section breaks it down for you by day and on top you can label each subject.
The Happy Planner also comes with more than enough checklists...you know to keep track of things like field trip permission slips, supplies, etc...
You will also find a sturdy folder to put your important papers at the end of the planner.
I think its safe to call this my ultimate favorite part of the planner... the stickers and post-it notes of course!

You can find the Happy Planner on Amazon here and all the fun stickers here. But I recommend that you look for it at Michael's. They usually run sales and you can always use your teacher discount when you show your ID! 

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