End of the Year!

I know I am SUPER late to the end of the year fun but I still wanted to share with you what I did for their end of the year gifts! I think these gifts have been my favorite so far...

You must know that I LOVE getting stuff for my students... I pretty much do it all year long... BUT I also love a good deal. I am constantly trying to save pennies and shop smarter... Last year I went to Target (gotta love Target) and they were having an end of summer sale! I found these lil treasures on the clearance aisle so I bought 30 of them for the end of the year gift :)!

 You should have seen the look my husband gave me when I walked in the door carrying 30 of these...I told him I knew it was only SEPTEMBER but I was going to need them in JUNE... he didn't seem to understand my logic lol...

At that time I still wasn't sure EXACTLY what I was going to do with these but I would definitively use them! Then I saw this post from Amy Lemons and decided to go with her idea and make some goodie bags! 

First I made some cute tags to go with the scented bubbles of course :)... 

I bought each of my kiddos a different book... I explained to them they were different because we got to know each other very well the last year and they are so special to me that I knew exactly what each of them likes! I think this was their favorite part... realizing that I KNEW all about their interests and favorite books. I like to take the time to do an individualized gift every year because many of my students don't receive any Christmas or birthday presents and I know that this makes them feel special! 

I included bubbles, a book, "I'm ready for third grade" book, and a pencil. 
What do you think?? End of the year gifts don't HAVE TO BE expensive!

Now I'm off to keep working on my classroom decor for next year :) I gotta get my classroom rules printed and laminated!! 

If you're still in school I hope you have an amazing end of the year...If school is out for you...ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!! 

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