Confession time: Im the terrible when it comes to remembering my students' birthdays. Every year I have the good intention of doing something special for my kids but I always forget or realize there is no time... sound familiar? This year I promised I would not let that happen, especially since I know that many of my kids are not celebrated at home.  

I created birthday bags for each of my kids. I knew I would have to come up with something budget friendly since I have 20+ kids and it can get expensive!! I went to the dollar store and found this:

 I thought they were perfect! 10 bags for a dollar??? I'll take them! 

Then I went on to the fun (but hardest) part... finding treats. Of course, my heart wanted to get different things but my wallet wasn't so sure...
Luckily I found some HAPPY BIRTHDAY pencils at Target for $1.

 These I think were the "most expensive" items I bought. They were a dollar yes, but it only had 6/pack. I brought them anyway! My kids love them!

 Some erasers from Dollar Tree 12 for $1 is a great deal! 

 Then I went to the party section and found these awesome sticker boxes!! 

Every bag also included Smarties

 I created some homework passes to include in there as well. I wish I could have printed them in colored paper. I was in the middle of packing to move into our new house (yay!!) and my paper was packed away! They still turned out super cute! 
You can grab them for FREE here. I've also included a Spanish version :) 

What do you do to celebrate your students' birthdays???

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