Interactive Notebooks

Do you use interactive notebooks in your classroom? I'm sure you have seen them... they're all over Pinterest. If you haven't, I would love to introduce them to you...
Interactive notebooks have changed my classroom and my teaching. I love the idea of introducing my kiddos to a concept and allowing them to take ownership of their learning. The best part is that the more you use them, the more independent kids become.

Im not going to lie to you, the first time using interactive notebooks got a little crazy but that's ok!

I try to do interactive notebook entries as much as I can, but.... if I don't get to it I just stick them in a center!

I usually start with the most basic form of entry I can find like this one:
I love it because it's simple and to the point. Color. Cut. Paste. Perfect to survive the Monday craziness (and of course) introduce a letter. 

If you're considering using these beauties in your classroom, I EXTREMELY recommend using interactive notebook vocabulary: tabs, corners, fold, etc...get your kids used to these words and they'll be super used to them in no time! 

At the beginning of the year, my students had the hardest time putting these tabs together, now they can do them with their eyes closed!!! ok, I might have exaggerated a little;)...

I usually leave the "more fun" pages for us to do on Fridays. They are always looking forward to the activities that are a little more challenging and fun...
My favorite part? I can actually use these as quick assessments that I know my kids will actually enjoy!

How do you use interactive notebooks in your classroom? Have you given them a try? 

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