Huellas del corazón - ¡Vamos a leer!

You're absolutely going to love the book I picked for Valentine's Day! Heartprints - Huellas del corazón is a bilingual book so you get both English and Spanish in one book. You can find the book HERE

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This super cute book talks about the different way we can leave a print in somebody else's heart. I decided to use it for Valentine's Day but it could also be used at the beginning of the year, Random acts of Kindness week and even Christmas. 

It has beautiful  illustrations that I know my students will be able to connect to. 
I will be using this activity with my students to talk about different ways to touch someone's heart. Download for FREE here

Hope you and your students enjoy this book! Don't forget to come back next month for another 
"Vamos a leer" FREEBIE! 

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