August Currently!!

I cannot believe August is here! I go "back to work" in two weeks. Let all the BTS craziness begin! I'm linking up with Farley over at 'Oh Boy 4th Grade' to get back into the BTS mode:) 

Listening - Oh come on Will just take off your shirt and tell us! - Remember this episode with Brad Pitt? haha!I absolutely LOVE f.r.i.e.n.d.s ... I would watch it all day long if I could.

Loving - I have been working summer school so I was anxiously waiting for the weekend. I have one more week left... I can do this!! 

Thinking - I might blame this one on summer school... I really thought I would have more time to get things done and it's already August! aahhh!! 

Wanting - I usually print my lesson planner at Office Depot and put it in a binder. I love it and it helps me stay organized all year long. But this year I haven't even had a chance to look for it. I keep writing all my to dos on post its... I NEED my planner soon!!

Needing- So many things to get ready for BTS. I am lucky enough to be staying in the same grade level next year so I will be reusing a lot of the decorations and materials from last year but there are so many more I want to replace/add. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! 


  1. I came from Farley's Currently August linky. The Friends quote made me laugh.

    Psyched to be in 2nd!

  2. I had my planner printed at Staples! The color is so much better than printing at home. It ended up costing about $30 for printing, but I made lots of section dividers! Enjoy your last two weeks!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  3. Friends is one of my all time favorite shows! I love the Thanksgiving episodes. They might be my favorite. July seemed to fly by for sure!


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