Writing Time!!

My second graders are becoming more independent during writing time each day! I have also been enjoying it more and more.  

To be honest... I used to hate my writing block.  I would find myself frustrated and overwhelmed after our writing time. I felt like students were not making the progress that I was expecting. I spent HOURS on Pinterest and TPT looking for resources and tips to help me. I did find the MOST AMAZING and WONDERFUL resources that would make my writing time soo much better and easier ... but then I would remember those resources wouldn't fit my classroom. Half the students in my class are ELLs. Most of those students do all their work in Spanish. So all of those perfect resources I had JUST found would not work for most of my students. Heartbreak! 

I decided to create my own bilingual writing center and I am soo excited to share it with you! 
Bilingual Writing Center Picture Cards

It is the best thing that I no longer have to worry about finding two different resources for my English and my Spanish group. HUGE time saver!! 
Each month, I simply display each set of cards and VIOLA! 
Plus students feel so much more confident knowing that the words are displayed right there for them to use the whole month!! 

Tomorrow we will be working on procedural writing and we will use the How to Make a Snowman from this packet!

My favorite part? Students will be working on the SAME topic using the SAME worksheet. 

How about you? What resources have you found to help your ELL students? 

Have a wonderful rest of the week! 

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