5 must haves MLK

I'm still enjoying my Christmas break but today I came to the sad realization that it's soon coming to an end. 

Even though I'm still trying to get the most out of the few breaks we get as teachers...I'm all about thinking ahead. I just can't seem to "wing it" like some other teachers do. I have to know what I'm teaching, when, what I'm using, have my copies and materials ready to go! 

After figuring out what I'm doing next week (the week after Christmas break) I started looking for some Martin Luther King's Day ideas. 
These are the 5 resources that I will for sure use during my MLK unit. 

1. I will definitively be using this MLK video again! Kids love the images and it's narrated nicely for my students to follow.

Check out the video here

2. Last year I tried this activity from Carrots are Orange. It's all about teaching your kids about diversity. It is an amazing activity to help little ones visualize what we are discussing during MLK day. 

3. I will also be using the interactive pages from my MLK unit. Like always, I have students who are learning Spanish and others who are learning English. So I will be pulling from both units. 



4. . Even though I know for a fact my kids will enjoy the video I mention above better than this, I will still show MLK's I Have a Dream speech. I might not play the whole thing but I want them to remember it as something that actually happened in real life. 

5. Another resource you MUST have is this cute poster from Curriculum Castle. Check it out! 

I would love to hear...what other resources do you use to teach about Martin Luther King Jr.?

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