Sight Word BUDDIES!

Happy Thursday everyone!! Today I'm here to show you one of my absolute favorite ways to practice sight words
In my classroom we try to make sight words a PRIORITY. It is part of our morning routine. Students even have a designated notebook just for sight words and they love it!

We practice several sight words every week. But our sight words notebook focuses on ONE sight word a week. You know... those difficult sight words that give us teachers some serious headaches ... (What is it with the word busy that my students seem to have a hard time with EVERY YEAR!!! haha) And yes... you've guessed correctly... the word BUSY was one of the first words we covered in our sight words notebook at the beginning of the year. 

Our sight words notebook includes activities like rainbow words, scrambled words, word searches etc... (more on that later). 
But then... I ran into a problem... Fridays... OH Fridays... how I love/hate you. 

In my school Fridays is the day to test, focus on data, fluency, progress monitoring reports etc... so I have to spend a lot of 101 quality time with my students,.. problem is... this is NOT to be done during my guided reading time... yikes! 

I started using my sight word buddies during this time.

                        Click here to check them out

 I had to model the first couple times and let me tell you, my students LOVE them! I simply pass the pieces for their sight word buddy of the week and they know exactly what to do! Plus, my teacher heart is happy because I know I'm giving them meaningful and not busy work! 

My kids love designing their sight word buddy when they are done... their creativity amazes me! They've added all sorts of crazy hair, hats, purses etc...! AND! they get to write about their sight word buddy when they are finished :) 

I just LOVE it when I see my students engaged in something that has been transformed into meaningful and fun! 

How do you teach sight words in your classroom?


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