Dont Forget + Valentine's Day FREEBIE

Yesterday my students were talking about how excited they are about Valentine's Day. Most of them are ready with their little cards, candy and treats to share with their classmates on that day! How exciting right? Well... it turns out its not so exciting for a sweet little boy in my class. He looked uncomfortable during the whole Valentine's Day conversation. When I asked him(in private) he told me that his parents can never afford to buy anything for him to share on Valentine's with his friends! It BROKE my heart! 

This adorable little boy reminded me that I cant assume that everyone is able to participate in all the things that happen in the classroom (Christmas, Valentine's, Thanksgiving). It made me feel so bad because I cant even remember how he must have felt during our Christmas party! 

So I decided to do something about my guilt... I created some cute cards for him. I know they aren't as fancy as the ones in the stores but I'm 100% sure he will appreciate them! I also bought a bag of candy that I will give him with the cards. I'm going to surprise him today, I cant wait to see his face!! I will give him the cards and candy a lil early because I want him to have the same experience as everyone else...that way he will have time to color his cards and decide who is getting which candy (according to kids...there's something really exciting about that haha) 

So DON'T FORGET to keep an eye out in your classroom... remember that perhaps not everyone in your class can afford to be part of the celebrations that require parents to spend $$. 
If you are or might be in the same situation as me... the cards are now posted in my store and they are a FOREVER FREEBIE! I've included them in English and Spanish! They are also super cute for you to use with your students or coworkers!

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