Addition Facts

How do you practice addition facts in your classroom? I used to give students timed tests every day and they used to love them but it got pretty boring after a while. A couple of weeks ago I decided I needed to to something more exciting because I still have a few kiddos that need help with their addiction facts! 

I started using this product by Kelly- An Apple for the Teacher - and let me tell you, it has done WONDERS in my classroom!!

Before I start telling you how amazing this product is, let me just tell you my FAVORITE part about it... its exciting for girls AND BOYS in my classroom. The boys in my classroom were so happy about the karate theme that I see them practicing all the time now. 

Kicking It! gives you very specific directions on how to set everything up and how to get started. After reading the instructions it was very clear and easy for me to set up. 

As students progress they start earning new color belts that determines the level where they are at. 
I don't know what it is about students "going up a level" that gets them so motivated and excited! As a reward, they receive a belt (dog tags that you can find at Hobby Lobby). 

Here's two of my students that needed a little more practice before the timed test. 

Click here to find this product! Or check out An Apple for the Teacher HERE 

I love that I no longer have to worry about keeping them motivated about Addition Facts!! 

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