3 things I will not do as a pregnant teacher

Pregnancy has gotten way better now that I'm not in the first trimester anymore. First trimester was just terrible!

As I look ahead and think of the back to school season I'm setting 3 goals for myself...focusing more on things I am NOT going to do while I'm a pregnant teacher and I encourage you to do the same if you're also teaching and pregnant...

1. I will not put myself last

Putting ourselves last if part of our nature as teachers. We always think of everybody else's needs and put them before ours. This year I'm determined to find the selfish person in me and think of myself a little more often. I will sit down when I need to, have a snack if I'm hungry and slow down if my body is telling me to do so. I'm not saying I will not do my best to teach my students but this year I'm going to take really good care of my students AND myself.

2. I won't hesitate to say no

This one is the hardest for me. I like volunteering. I love being the one to help in committees and run the extra mile, specially when I see no one else is stepping up to do it. But this year will be a little different. This year I will slow down and prioritize. I will understand I do not need to be part of every committee, project and special event that my school does. It's ok to say no once in a while.

3. I won't be afraid to ask for help

The other day while I was setting up my classroom I had to move a very heavy box to the other corner of my room. I tried picking it up and knew I could do it but it was probably more than I should be lifting. I remembered one of my colleagues had very kindly offered to help me out with anything when he found out I was pregnant. So I thought to myself...why not? I called him and he was there right away and willing to help with anything. Colleagues are there to help. If you need to go to the restroom, go knock on your neighbor's door, call the office. Even if you need to go six times a day trust me, they WILL understand.

Can you think of any other goals you set for yourself when you were pregnant? I would love to hear them!

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