Letter Oo

Back to school is just around the corner for me which means prep, prep and more prep! It's a lot of work but it's one of my favorite times of the year. Sparkling clean classrooms, brand new borders, fresh laminating aaaah!! But when your room is ready for those little ones to come in you can't forget to be ready with quality work as well, which is exactly what I've been working on this week. I've been preparing all the activities and planning my lessons for the first weeks of school.

During the second (or third) week of school I will be introducing my little ones to the vowels. I know these activities will be fun and engaging and I'm super excited to use them one more time with a new group of kids!

Let me show you what I've prepped for so far...
I like having a mini word wall (separate from the one we use for sight words) to focus on the letter we are learning. I've noticed how much more vocabulary my kids learn. I change it every week and my kids love referring back to it!
I always make sure my students have plenty of opportunities to learn how to trace and write each letter. 

Just as important as tracing letters correctly, I give the kids plenty of activities to recognize the beginning sounds. I usually use this coloring activity at the beginning when I first introduce the letter since it's quick and easy. 
One of my students favorite activities is the mini books we do every week. I have two different versions and I pick a different one every week depending on how much time (and copies/paper) I have for the week.
And sometimes we do an extra activity on Fridays just for fun! This is when I really push my students to get creative!

You can find these activities HERE.

I hope your planning and prep is going great!! 

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