Please, Mr. Panda - Vamos a leer!

You walk into Barnes & Noble, Target (or anywhere really) and you go straight to the children's books section...trying to find books for your students in Spanish but there's only a few and not really anything you want/need. You glance at the English section and  you wish it was that easy for you to find books! Sound familiar? 

I bet it does if you're a bilingual/ESL/dual-language teacher!
Don't get me wrong. I love teaching in Spanish but all the time I see these amazing ideas on Pinterest using the best books out there and then it hits me... the activity is in English! UGH!!!

Great news is I will be sharing with you some books and ideas that you can use in your Spanish elementary class. Since I will be teaching kindergarten this year I will try to keep my ideas closer to k-2 but maybe someday I'll share some of my ideas for the upper grades :) 

And most importantly! I will most definitively try to give you a link from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Target so you can purchase your book online! Searching will be way easier for you!

Today's book is one I plan to use on the first day (or week) of school. It is one of the best ones I have found to teach my kids about the word PLEASE.

It starts out with this sweet 'grumpy' panda and a box of donuts. He runs into many friends and offers them a donut but all he gets are rude responses and decides not to give them a donut.
Until he finds a cute little friend who says PLEASE! 

This book is simple, to the point and perfect for a back to school manners lesson! Plus the text is in English AND Spanish! 

As I promised, here is a FREEBIE you can use with your kids to go along with this book:) 

Click HERE to download

You can find this book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Have a great school year!!

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